How a leading provider of school IT solutions partnered with White Oak UK to drive sales

This week we speak to Oliver Gee, co-founder of Oakford Technology, a leading provider of innovative IT solutions to over 90 schools throughout Wiltshire and a popular choice for remote IT support for schools across the UK.

The business is thriving and, refreshingly, they continue to win business almost exclusively through positive customer recommendations.

Tell us about Oakford Technology

“We became a limited company in 2006, with just myself and fellow director, Perry Sharples running the business from a small office in Devizes in Wiltshire.

“We felt that the education sector was under-served when it came to quality IT services at the time, and we set about changing that, using our background in technology to support schools within the region, with a comprehensive range of education-focused solutions.

“Our offering, and indeed our business, has grown significantly over time. With 56 employees across three sites, including a growing presence in Dorset and Hampshire, we’re able to provide everything from PCs and laptops, to interactive whiteboards, CCTV, servers and full-scale internet services and support. We like to think we provide a single-source for a school’s technology needs – it’s a partnership for success.”

How does White Oak UK’s Operating Lease help?

“We work closely with schools to plan and deliver the right technology approach, but with education budgets tightening, pressures on available funds can often limit investment.

White Oak UK’s Operating Lease helps schools to overcome this barrier, enabling them to spread the cost over a much more manageable term, usually three years.”

Fast forward three years – where do you see the business?

“Growth is very much on the agenda. We also plan to move our current Devizes HQ to a larger site, giving us the option to host training and conferences for our customers.

“With over 90 per cent of new business achieved through customer recommendations, we believe that this is testament to us doing a great job and I’d like that to continue!”

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