How to covert the rising cost of famring inputs, without harming your cash flow

Agricultural inputs are the resources used in farm production, such as seed, animal feed, fertiliser and livestock, they’re essential to the success of your farm or agricultural business, and at this time of year, you may well be looking to boost your reserves.

Rising agriculture costs

According to the most recent figures released by Anglia Farmers’ (AF) in their AgInflation Index, the average cost of agricultural production inputs grown by almost 5% in the year from September 2016 to 2017.

Farmers and producers alike have seen some significant increases in purchasing costs of late, translating to a noticeable rise in the overall cost of farming for many. Fuel prices rose by 11.5% in the 12-months leading to September 2017, with additional increases also seen in fertiliser (8.7%) and seed costs (7.3%)

Increases in production costs will inevitably lead to climbing cash flow dependencies and for many businesses finding the additional funds to cover these elevated costs can be a challenge.

At White Oak UK, we can help you cover the rising cost of farming inputs, without harming your cash flow.

Farm and agriculture business loans

Our fuss-free, unsecured farm business loan lets you spread the cost of essential agricultural inputs over 12-months, reducing cash flow pressures and giving you greater flexibility to negotiate on costs and payment terms.

White Oak UK Sales Director, Andy Davies says:

Financing the cost of inputs with White Oak UK is simple. We won’t ask you for reams of unnecessary paperwork, and you’ll receive a fast decision on your loan. Our digital documentation also accelerates the process, with approved monies released into your account in as little as a few days, letting you get on with running your business

In addition to financing the cost of your farming inputs, we can also assist you in arranging funding for many other loan and asset finance needs.

Contact us today and discover how we can help support your agricultural business.

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