How To Finance A Partnership Buyout

Partnership buyouts in business can happen in many ways. Whether your business partner is looking to move to a new venture or to end a broken relationship, a partnership buyout can help you find funding to purchase the ownership stake of another partner.

When it comes to partnership buyouts, White Oak UK has business development loans available for businesses who are interested in financing a buyout. With partner buyouts being expensive, using a partner buyout loan can be a good option for small business owners who want to buy out their business partner.

What is partner buyout financing?

Partner buyout financing involves one partner using funding to purchase the ownership stake within the business of the other partner. Financing a partner buyout can be done in several ways, whether it’s through using your own money, selling your partner’s business shares to investors or a partner buyout loan.

There are benefits to using partner buyout financing if you want to end a business partnership with your partner. Buying out your partner can come at a significant cost to your company, which is why a partner buyout loan can reduce the impact on your cash flow while maintaining flexibility on your business finances. 

By using a partner buyout loan, it can allow you to quickly get rid of a toxic business partner while keeping your business afloat. This can be useful if you do not have the funding to buy out your business partner yourself.

The main reasons behind why partners buy-in and buyout 

Partners who own a business have their fair share of reasons when it comes to buy-ins and buyouts. 

Whether it’s ending a business partnership, expanding the company into new markets or increasing revenue, directors will have their own reasons for buying in or buying out of the business.

Why business partners buy-in

If you find yourself buying into the business as a new partner, it only is fraught with risks, but also comes with exciting opportunities for both parties. 

For a person who is buying into the business as a partner, it comes with a couple of advantages. Not only will the business expand while joining up with your new partner, but it opens up opportunities for increasing capital and revenue for your business.

It’s worth having a discussion about previous experiences of running businesses before making a decision on whether to buy-in to the business as a partner.

Why business partners buyout

While there are some partners who buy-in to the company vision, others may decide to cut ties and buy out the partner’s ownership stake in the business.

Buying out a business partner also comes with its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. A partner may decide to buy a share of the business from the other partner due to wanting sole ownership of the company, wanting to reduce reputational risk or if both partners decide to go their separate ways.

Partner buyout loans come with difficulties as they can not only be difficult to qualify for, but they can have a detrimental effect on future business. However, this is dependent on who will replace the outgoing partner and how their absence will affect the growth of the business.

How business development loans can help in funding a partnership buyout 

Business development loans can play a major role in funding a partnership buyout, particularly if you want sole ownership in the business

A business development loan can enable you to fund the amount needed to buy the other partner’s shares in the business. This can be useful if you cannot afford a partnership buyout for your organisation.

By taking out a business development loan, it means that you can buy out your business partner quickly while having cash available to invest in your company.


If you want full ownership of a company, a business development loan is an excellent way of financing a partnership buyout between two business partners. It’s important that whenever you are going through this process in a business that you are open and honest with your partner about the partnership buyout process.

Speak to our business finance expert who can assist you with the process of applying for a business development loan for financing your business’ partnership buyout.

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