VIDEO: How to create the perfect company page on LinkedIn

First impressions are a big deal. So it’s important that your business page on LinkedIn shows your company in the best possible light. Watch our video to find out how to create the perfect company page on LinkedIn for your business.

How to easily create the perfect LinkedIn company page

Video transcript

Hello, my name is Dean and I’d like to introduce you to ‘How to create the perfect LinkedIn company page’.Here’s what you MUST be doing, today.

  1. Write a customer-led About Us section
  2. Get visual and add some engaging images
  3. Get your staff signed up and involved
  4. Engage with your audience
  5. Sponsor your top content
  6. Test and learn

Write a customer-led About Us section

About Us section, stop talking about yourself and how many years you’re been around for, concentrate on your customer and how you can help them. They’re central and they want to know how YOU can help THEM.

Google indexes up to 156 characters of your business page text, be sure that your description leads with commanding, keyword-rich copy.

Get visual and add some engaging images

Your visitors will be more interested in your page with great creative. You don’t need expensive packages to do this, with the likes of Canva and Skitch that are free platforms.

LinkedIn Image Sizes

Overview Tab Logo Image 300×300 pixels 300×300 pixels
Overview Tab Overview Tab Image 360×120 pixels 360×120 pixels
Overview Tab Cover Image 1192×220 pixels 1536×768 pixels
Island Trading Helen Bennett UK Germany
Life Tab Hero Image 1128×376 pixels 1128×376 pixels
Life Tab Custom Modules 502×282 pixels 502×282 pixels
Life Tab Company Photos 264×176 pixels 900×600 pixels

Get your staff signed up and involved

Get your employees signed up and connected to your page. Train your employees on LinkedIn and promote the platform internally, it should become culture – not a chore.

Also, invite your clients, vendors and network to follow your page to help build your communities.

Engage with your audience

Be sure to engage with your audience, reply to any comments, both negative and positive. Engagement is the key to success.

Set up a number of admin users so you’re sure not to miss a comment response.

Sponsor your top content

Sponsor your top content, if you notice a post attracting lots of shares, likes and clicks – sponsor it.

You can promote it to a relevant audience in a just a few clicks and starting with a small spend.

Test and learn

Test and learn, always check your analytics and analyse what works for engagement and business generation.

Set aside 1 hour a month to check your activity – and learn from it!

I hope this helps you build a platform that works for you!

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Good luck!

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