Invest in green haulage on the road to net zero

Sustainability is dominating conversations whether it’s at the COP26 conference, in the boardroom or on the streets.

Businesses are feeling pressure from all angles to play their part in the road to net zero but what happens when it comes to actually navigating the roads?

Clean air zones, which have already become the norm in some cities like London and Birmingham, will continue to be implemented across the UK which will have consequences for the haulage industry.

White Oak UK solutions can help the haulage industry go green and stay ahead of the game.

Why the time is now for green haulage

The Government’s 2019 Clean Air Strategy gave local authorities across England the power to take action on air pollution, supporting the creation of clean air zones.

These zones require vehicles, whether it be LGVs or HGVs, to meet Euro VI emissions standards. Given the local nature of these programmes, the criteria and charges vary for instance in Bath non-compliant trucks and lorries will face a daily charge of £100 and those in Birmingham will have to fork £50.

What remains true across the country is that businesses must take action to ensure their vehicles are compliant or face charges in the long term.

Stricter emissions regulation is also being coupled with a shortage of high-quality used vehicles with Euro 6 engines. Supply chain issues such as the global semiconductor shortage has impacted delivery times for commercial vehicles.

Increased wait times for SMEs mean that there is pressure on businesses to invest now in making their fleet as green as possible to avoid problems in the long-term.

Ultimately, it’s about taking the right steps now to secure a better future for not only your business but the world around you. Choosing a lender that can support your green ambitions is key, and at White Oak UK we are proud to provide solutions that can help you make that investment for the future.

Taking action to electrify your fleet

So, you know that you need to invest in going green but taking those first steps can be difficult. At White Oak UK, we believe in the following three phase approach to get the right financial solutions for supporting green haulage.

  1. Identify – This is about taking stock of your current fleet, understanding the impact of incoming regulation, and identifying where improvements need to be made. What this will give you is clarity when it comes to getting a financial solution that helps you make an investment where it is needed most.                                                   
  2. Invest – Once you understand where capital needs to be targeted, it is about working with a lender that can provide flexible and fair solutions that meet your needs.
  3. Grow – As with any investment you must look at the impact made and the long-term growth for your business. Assessing the impact and where future capital needs to be deployed to help your business thrive further.

At White Oak UK, we recently launched a Green Fleet offering to support UK businesses looking to electrify their commercial fleets.

White Oak UK’s Green Fleet loan has been designed to support businesses looking to acquire qualifying vehicles with as little as 0% deposit (subject to terms and conditions). In addition, businesses transitioning to electric fleets can look forward to potentially further boosting cash flow by taking advantage of tax, congestion charge and fuel savings. The new product is targeted at all businesses utilising vehicles for business purposes from hospitality to haulage.

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